Tuesday, February 17, 2009


what is hope?

is it

not seeing the truth?

not listening to the world?


believing in a world that does not exist?


i miss those conversations.

once upon a time i had two friends who used to love talking.
at times i would wonder what makes them talk so much. then there were times i wonder how can someone talk so much. don't they get tired. but then i realized its not the talk, its the mind. which thinks so much. which has so many opinions.

when they were gone is when i learnt something about myself. i loved to listen to them. do not know whether i agreed to everything they said or believed in but yes i would like to know and understand the point of view.

but although i miss them so much.. i realised that one of them still talks a lot and we do listen... just that its not verbal. its written. he writes equally fast.

thanks for keeping the conversations going...

till we meet again...till i can sit back and listen again..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


"a man who will not lie to a woman has very little consideration for her feelings"

olin miller

well a friend of mine has taken this quote quite seriously....

Monday, June 2, 2008

convenient-----marriage or divorce?

why do two people come together to live a life? to be happy? or they are scared of loneliness??? well...i dont know.

But is strange as I see some people completely not made for each other. And its so visible but it takes them so much time to realise that.

But is it fair that one realises it earlier... figures is/her life...puts everything in place. gets over the relation. gets ready to move on and almost figures it all. where to go, what to do etc etc etc...and then by the way informs the spouse before doing so.

Does not give a reason also?? so the person has to keep guessing what went wrong, what she/he did wrong? could it be fixed? but are there any answers?? and not after 6 months of marriage .. but after years of marriage.

why do people do that?? does it give them great sadistic pleasure or does it scare them to tell their partner. the one whom they loved and slept on the same bed with?? or is that convenience too???

Happy moving

A few months back I had written about moving on. By moving on I mean jobs.
When I moved to my current job, I had a lot of hope. Hope that things would become better. I guess thats because I am quite an optimistic person. Well thank god, because I have discovered a place that I like.

I always wondered what it would feel like shooting with all these big stars---film stars, sports people etc. And I thought it would be so great being face to face with these people. And now within six months I don't think I have that longing to shoot with some celebrity anymore. I just feel its like a job for me like its a job for them. They are all normal people like us. They get tired, they work hard.

Once upon a time the dream was to meet these people and may be shake hands or mumble a quick 'autograph please'. But who thought that you will tell shahrukh or amitabh to turn right, look into camera ( not so much) and smile ( little more) hands on hips and he would happily do it?????

Well may be we should think. It might just happen.....who knows.

quiet no-where

25th jan '08

ever heard of place which nowhere. thats what i shall call shaheen bagh... a quiet little place hidden between some clouds and trees and one or two mountains. and what do u do no-where?? ......obviously nothing.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Think Different. So now?

What do you do when two ideologies clash with those of someone you love and whose takes on life you've come to respect over a period of time?

Do u care?

What if you do?

Do you give in?

And then become bitter inside?

Do you take a diplomatic stand?

Do you stick to what you believe?
But at the risk of such a beautiful relationship getting bitter because of your obstinacy?

Even as I write this, I know what I would do.

There are some ground rules by which I live my life. And I can never change them... Come what may.

But then that’s about me? Not you. Is it?